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“To give children strong biblical foundations to enable them to grow in their spiritual journeys and go forth into the world, spreading the good news!”


As a church we place a value on our children. God does not place an age limit on who He uses, so neither will we! We long for our children to experience the amazing love of God in a warm and welcoming environment filled with lots of fun! We are confident in believing that God is going transform the lives and hearts of His children, equipping them for taking the gospel into their schools and communities. As a team, we aim to support the spiritual growth of the children by providing a curriculum created to meet children at their developmental level and need. Our weekly sessions will keep the children engaged and busy as well as setting time aside for children to reflect and respond to the biblical teaching.


We look forward to meeting you and your children!

Leader of 4:12 Kids & Creche


Faith Symons 

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